The Unity Experiment Framework (UXF) is an open source package for the Unity3D game engine that can be used to assist the development of virtual reality human behaviour experiments. Developed by Jack Brookes, Immersive Cognition Group, University of Leeds.


Data collection

Automates the process of collecting the variables you define within your task, and stores them simple CSV files.

Continuous measures

Time-series data such as the position and rotation of an object can be easily acquired and split into one file per trial.

Settings system

Allows you to programmatically define independent variables for your session, blocks and trials.

User Interface

Includes a pre-built UI for allowing the researcher to view and enter information about the session.


All file IO tasks are performed concurrently in a separate thread to avoid any drops in framerate.

Built for VR

UXF works with any Unity project but is designed specifically for virtual reality human behaviour experiments.

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