Unity Experiment Framework tutorial

This tutorial will walk you through building a simple virtual reality experiment using UXF. UXF is a package for Unity that allows users to more easily develop human behaviour experiments. Crucially, it will not be a general Unity tutorial (there are thousands already available!) but it will focus on how to make best use of UXF features. Here we will be creating a virtual reality visuomotor-rotation experiment. In these experiments, the user must reach towards an object under a rotated coordinate system until they adapt to the manipulation. Then, the visuomotor-rotation is removed, and the user must de-adapt to the manipulation.

The tutorial will begin by creating a simple keyboard/mouse version of the experiment. Then we will introduce UXF and begin collecting data and manipulating the task. Finally, we will make a few changes to make the project compatible with VR headsets. Here’s a video of the final result:

If you want you can download the final project at github.com/immersivecognition/uxf-tutorial-project. See Appendix 1 below for downloading or viewing the files at each part of the tutorial.

Note: This tutorial was written in 2019 and UXF has recieved updates since then, so things may look a little different but almost everything should work the same. If you encounter any problems create an issue.

Initially written by Jack Brookes in 2019.